Sunday, April 29, 2012

May Freebies (DIBELS and More!)

Make sure you pick up these freebies for May!

May Countdown Calendars!  Use these for counting how many books you read, how many days in the month, or your behavior for those days if you use a color system.  When you open this file it even has a countdown for the END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!  Can you feel it?

Letter Naming Fluency!  Be sure to change up your letters for DIBELS practice!  I use these in class as bell work, early finishers, and during instruction.  You can also send home and have students practice with families.  Sand timers will add some extra fun!

Nonsense Word Fluency!  There is a big push in my district right now to not teach kids nonsense words.  I am not sure how I feel about that.  We teach kids if they read a word and it does not make sense to reread OR look for context clues to figure it out.  So if we give them a list of nonsense words, aren't we then doing them a disservice?  I actually will have my kids sort real and nonsense words and not just teach them for speed.  I don't know.  We'll see I guess.  For now... grab your April Freebie!



  1. When we did DIBELS, I always had a hard time with the nonsense words, because like you, I taught my kids to try to figure out what a word was and what would make sense. Luckily, Florida stopped doing DIBELS a few years ago and now we give FAIR, which does more phonemic awareness and on this last assessment, actually has the kids read a real story if they do well enough on the word reading (real words, by the way).

  2. We do DIBELS as well. We were told not to TEACH the nonsense words... so I do the same... having them sort real and non-sense. Also... another way you can help teach it (you may already do it!) is when you introduce a word family and list all the words. I've been teaching my kids to ONLY change the BEGINNING sound, so that it will still rhyme. So sometimes they'll come up with a nonsense word... and I'll ask... "What does that mean?" They obviously have no clue, so I'll use it as a teaching moment to tell them that it is a non-sense word, b/c it doesn't mean anything. But I will STILL write it down... be we circle the word if it's non-sense so they can still SEE it, but they know it's not real. (Does that make ANY sense???) haha! Hope that helps! =)


  3. I am so glad that I just found your blog! Thank you for the freebies - I think the nonsense words are really important because you can assess if students are sounding out because often times they have memorized word families. We then talk about it being a silly word. Either way- thanks again! I am looking forward to following you! I have a new blog that I am working on and I would love if you would stop by and offer some suggestions. Thank you!

  4. These came in super handy this year!! Thank you so much! I could tell a huge difference in my kids this year with really focusing on on some of the DIBELS skills. I have given your blog two awards! The One Lovely Award and the Versitile Blogger Award. Just head on over to my blog to claim your awards!!
    Michelle :)