Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easter or Spring Literacy Centers

Just finished two fun games for Spring or Easter.  Two fun literacy games Easter Spring Literacy Centers to support DIBELS letter naming and phoneme segmentation. Each game includes a center or small group full color game and multiple independent work activity to follow it up with. 

Game 1: Middle Sound Sort - students will sort eggs into baskets by letter sounds. Five vowel baskets and 5 eggs per baskets with easy to break down pictures. Follow it up with one of 4 independent activities where students sort eggs into two baskets. 

Game 2: Letters Cover It - students will pull eggs from a bag (or basket or for more fun put them in plastic eggs) and then cover up the letters on the card. To make it more challenging, give them a 1 minute timer and ask them to see how many they can get in a minute (after all, DIBELS is a timed test.) (OK - maybe start with more minutes. =) Use in small groups in sheet protectors with dry erase markers. Follow it up with the same form where the kids can cover them up with crayons.

Both covers for games include the Common Core standard and the simple directions/objective. 



  1. From one jennifer to another jennifer

    what a hoppy day!

  2. Ohh Thank You! I was just looking for something like this! Yay!

    :) Kim

  3. Ooh! I can't wait to check them out!! We do DIBELS too!

  4. These sound like great activities!

  5. Happy Spring to you! Love your ideas...

  6. Love your blog. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas.

  7. just saw this today and I love it!! Thanks for sharing