Saturday, February 11, 2012

Two DIBELS Freebies

I noticed the other day that my Non-Sense Word Fluency Monthly Practice Freebie was download many, many times and so I decided to create a similar page for Letter Naming Fluency and then share with you all how I use them with my students!  I started using this concept about a month ago and my progress monitoring scores are just shooting through the roof and I completely contribute this to implementing the following ideas into my daily classroom routines. 

The first thing I did was I started using "Good Work Folders."  This is just a folder with three prongs and a bunch of sheet protectors in them.  I can customize or individualize what goes into it for each student and so I love them!  Two items in this folder are my DIBELS practices pages I have posted for free!  When students come in from recess or if they finish work early they can practice these pages.   Or sometimes we just practice with the whole class we read these pages together.  Sometimes I will time them and say 'ready go' and sometimes I give them sand timers.  (I also have kids put unfinished work in this same folder so they have a safe place to put it to work on it when they have time.) 

First page is the Letter Naming Fluency practice page.  Kids practice reading a mixture of upper and lower case letters for speed and accuracy.  Sometimes I will have them circle the upper and cross out the lower case letters too to reinforce that concept. 

The next page is Non Sense Word Fluency. We practice as a group saying each sound and them blending them back together (after all you have to remember to composite score can keep kids from being benchmark... see the post DIBELS I Did Not Realize!)   I have also updated this document because I realize now that first grade does these pages at the beginning of the year

I also keep this hundreds chart in my Good Work Folders.  Now when students are counting to 100 they are pointing to the numbers and making that connection.  We have also used dry erase markers to color in doubles or color in all the numbers that have 2's in them.  It's really got the kids looking at the number system and how it works! 

My good work folders also have various other practice pages such as sight words that match our reading programs and number and color words.  I really feel like putting the content at the student's fingertips is making a huge difference.  Hopefully you will too!

Have a great Sunday!


  1. These are great, thanks! I will be adding the NWF pages to my Fluency Center asap!

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful printables. I was directed to you and your hundred board via, My Boys' Teacher at What DID we do all day..( But just wanted to let you know that there is an error where the second 18, should be a 19. My oldest caught that the other day!

    Thank you again for the printables, they are so very helpful!