Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Family Project Freebie

I am about half way done with my Grad research paper... will be so happy when it's over!  I am taking a semester off so I am really anxious for this to be over!  So another freebie to keep you tied over until I have some better content to post. 

This is a family project that my son's preschool teacher does each year and I really enjoy as a parent.  It requires NO prep-work, no planning, and is super simple!

The first time I did this with my son I learned so much about my husband's side of the family which is 100% Hungarian.  It was so fun to learn about Santa leaving candy in their shoes instead of stocking and about how the Christmas tree is put up on a certain day when the kids are asleep. 

It will be fun to learn about all the traditions!  Have fun!


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  1. very cute! thanks for sharing!

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