Thursday, November 24, 2011

Free Academic Gingerbread Houses!

I am SO excited about this! 

With the times changing in education, it is our job as educators to fight to keep learning fun.   But don't tell me I can't do something!  So I have taken the very traditional milk carton gingerbread houses and turned it into an academic experience for students! Every year I have fought to do this project with my students and won! Now you can do it too!

With this project students will work through counting, addition, subtraction, or division problems to create a graph. They will then use the graph to count out specific items to be placed on their gingerbread house, creating an exact model of their graph! Yum!

I also provided you with directions, a parent letter, several versions of the content areas listed, and blank graphs to meet your specific academic needs.

Click here if you are interested in some centers to go along with this activity!

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  1. Hi Jennifer! I'm your newest follower..great stuff! :)