Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yuck Soup - Another Great Alternative for Halloween

Another fun project I like to do in October uses Joy Crowley's book Yuck Soup!  It's an easy reader about monsters who put in all sorts of yucky things into a pot of soup.  Who does not love yucky things in October?  It is a GREAT alternative to doing Halloween at school!

We like to make Kindergarten Soup!  It's much more delicious!  We have each student bring in a bag or box of crackers, cookies, or whatever and mix it into one of those giant cauldron's.  It's really fun and makes a great snack!

First is the parent letter.  I included two versions... one if you have the story and one if you don't.  (Just a thought, I bet if you check around at your school someone will have that book... it's a classic in the kindergarten world.)

Next is some options for you for making a class book.  Each student will draw what they brought to put in the pot and write it.  It follows the same format as the book.  I have preschool soup, first grade soup, and so on.  I also have one page that says ____'s Classes Soup.  The choice is yours.

And last is a graph so you can graph who brought what in.  Super fun, and reaches across the curriculum!

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  1. This one looks like fun. I am not a big Halloween person, so this one sounds much more educational and can be incorporated with my Halloween centers for that day. Thank you.

  2. Love this book! :) I usually make a turkey mix near Thanksgiving similar to this.....having it October would be fun too! It will be neat to see the difference in things students bring in October compared to November :)

    I did notice on the very first page of Yuck is misspelled Yuk.

    THanks for sharing!


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  4. Thanks Ali for pointing that out.

    Although I am a HORRIBLE speller, the book title is actually Yuk Soup. I spelled it like the book title on the first page so if you use the book it matches.

    And I spelled it the correct way on the second page so if you don't use the book it would not be misspelled.

    Make sense? I did have to look it up when I made the page because I can never remember how it is spelled.

    Here is a link to the book and what the front cover looks like for everyone to see. =)

  5. Thanks for letting me know! It has been a while since I used that book in K.....years :) and I forgot that it is spelled that way :)

  6. I've never heard of this...thanks for sharing! I love the freebies too. =)

    kindergarten days

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