Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cooperative Learning Challenge for your Little Learners!

Does the thought of Cooperative Learning scare you?  Don't let it!  It's easy, fun, super engaging, and all kids learn best from each other!  Using this structure will get kids practice with initial sounds at a perky pace that kids will really love!  Don't worry, I am here to help!

I have been doing Cooperative Learning with my Kinder kids for several years now and it really is a great addition to your bag of tricks!  Once you are comfortable with the basic structures, you begin doing it all day long and making up your own!  Cooperative Learning in kindergarten is possible I promise!

Your challenge this week is to incorporate the Kagan Cooperative Learning structure called Four Corners!  It's very simple and I am even going to give you the tools you need (well, minus the paper, tape, and well... kids of course!)

And of course, here are your game cards for FREE!  I provided M, S, D, and T because those are often the some of the first letters we teacher.  However, if you are comfortable, you can also purchase the entire alphabet from me in here in TpT store!

How to organize them?  Well... I keep them in a plastic bag organized by the letters I like to play.  So my first four corners game is M, S, D, A, and T.  Then next year at this time, I just pull out that bag and we are ready to go.  Another idea would be to store the seperately so you could pull out just the letters you need... great for reviewing letters that data shows the kids need more practice at.

So, try it.  Come back, let me know how it goes!  Stay tuned, because I am going to teach you other games to play with those SAME cards!  (The gift that keeps on giving!)

Have a great Sunday and even better week!



  1. Thanks so much! Our core academy training this summer was on using cooperative learning and the common core. I haven't done anything yet, but this makes it seem so easy! I am trying this tomorrow!

  2. You are welcome. Let us know how it goes!

  3. THis is wonderful!!! Before I purchase the whole set, I have a question. Our first letters are M, S, P, A, T. So can I start w/ these instead of what you have? We can use any letters we want right?

  4. Absolutely! That's the great thing about Cooperative Learning... it's structures that you fit into your curriculum!

    So I would organize them into bags of the letter order you do!

    For example, at my old school I did MASDT. So I had one game for that. Now I am at a school that does MSATP, so I made new bags to match the letter order I did. =)

    Have fun... let me know how it goes!

  5. Thank you for this...I am excited for this game and ways to tweak it to my needs! :)