Saturday, September 17, 2011

Teaching Blog Traffic School Reflections

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I wanted to take a moment today and share my experience with Teaching Blog Traffic School thus far. 

I started my blog about a week before Traffic School was released and so I don't have any great stories about getting huge increases in traffic after joining.  But what I can say is that when Charity or one of the other big players in the blogging world posts my work (either by request or on their own because they think their readers would like it,) my page hits per day shoots through the roof!  Let's be honest, at first I was a little annoyed because I had this happy little bar graph that now had a huge spike in it, isn't that a silly reason to be annoyed!  Now I love those spikes!  As a matter of fact, the business of teaching, motherhood, and being married for me means I sometimes only get to check on my number of page hits in a day and I can always tell when someone has posted about me because of that spike!  I am very grateful to those who are helping me achieve my goals! 

Another great part of Teaching Blog Traffic School is the actual lessons!  They are broken into quick 10 minute sections and very easy to understand.  As a matter of fact, I had never made a video before and when trying to figure it out... I went to lesson 9!  Charity makes things so simple!  Below I have linked my video endorsement as well as a few blogging friends!  (And BTW, Tamara from TBA blogged.... OMG... seriously!  For those of us who are not TBA authors, being mentioned in TBA is a great honor!  We all dream of being TBA authors in the blogging world!)

OK, so if you have any questions at all, please ask!  And not just about TBTS, anything at all!  (Except about why I look silly when the video is frozen... hehehe!)

Have a great Sunday!



  1. LUV your most sincere video. It is so absolutely true to its very core -- that the helping that goes on between 'members' is what makes everything percolate gradually and SPIKE with amazing spires. I am so grateful for your continued support, encouragement and expertise.

    I've learned so much from everyone in Traffic School and look forward to 'growing' in the future as we collaborate on all sorts of projects together.

    Debbie over at

    Thanks for sharing my insight as well!!

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