Friday, September 9, 2011

Quick Management Tips (& Another Freebie!)

Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick!  Hahahaha!  (I was not sure if the video and lyrics from You Tube of that song was appropriate!)

No really, I have tons of quick transition tips I use!  Here's a my favorite!

Banana Split Transition Poster We use this for getting drinks, or getting hand sanitizer, or anything where the kids may want to linger but need to move on.  I actually keep it posted right by my sink so that way the kids remember the appropriate timeframe they have for getting a drink.  The kids think it's fun and it keeps things moving!

Click the image to get your free poster!  

Do you have a quick transition or tip you can share?  Comment or link up below!  (Please remember the Linky Party Etiquette... Head over to Finally in First if you are not sure and remember to leave a back link to this post so your readers can see other transition tips!)

I hope everyone has a great Friday night!  (I did not think I was going to survive this short week!



  1. Oh my goodness...this poster is SO cute! I had heard that saying before (probably when I was a kid), but had never thought of using it now that I am a teacher. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! I feel like a big 'ole fool right now! I did not realize this was an official Linky Party and I broke the etiquette rules! I do apologize! Anyway, I blogged about your party and now own transition tip now. :) to figure out how to link up. I am sort of still new at this.

  3. That's OK Amber. We have all done it not knowing we were supposed to. There are not many written rules for blogging but many norms. It would be nice to have a handbook. I just wanted to put that because a lot of people last time did not include a backlink. I am not the type to be mad... but some people are and I would hate for people to make the wrong person mad. No worries on my end dear. =)

    If you are new... you should check out TBTS on my side bar. It has helped me understand things a lot. It's a great program... but even better mentorship from some really great bloggers! And feel free to ask questions if you need to, most of us are really nice! =)

  4. I've linked up. Also I added your Linky party to my Lots of Linky party list.


    Yearn to Learn Blog

  5. Hi Jennifer! Hehe, I DID see the wooden calendars at Joanne's and I so badly wanted one. However, I have a rule for myself when it comes to shopping for my classroom: If I cannot immediately think of how I will use it in my classroom, I don't buy it. We already have a calendar, so I passed it up. :(

    As for being able to follow me through Blogger, this is what I have to say: Grrrr! I don't know what to do! I can see my "Followers" on my husband's computer, but not mine. I have 24 followers so obviously they can see it. If you know how to fix that glitch, I would love to hear the solution!

    Thanks for your Linky fun!