Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Daily Schedule!

So we all know I am at a new school this year and I have to admit that figuring out how to schedule my day has been crazy!

It's so hard, 90 minutes of uninterrupted this and 60 minutes of uninterrupted that!  And in AZ we have English Language Development (ELD) standards that require 60 minutes of reading, 60 minutes of writing, 60 minutes or grammar, and 60 minutes of vocabulary.  Getting it to fit is definitely a challenge!

So here is my schedule!  I post it just in a pocket chart.  I don't have any white boards in my room (that's where I posted it with my objectives last year) and this seemed to be the most useful!

One tip I just got at an inservice is to turn the card over after you do it so the kids can follow with what part of day it is.  (Never thought of that!)

Free Daily Schedule 4
One other amazingly effective management thing I do is on my go home chart.  I have done everything from write them in to print them out... but I found myself changing kids as they change everyday!  (Ugh).  So I put the kids names on small post it's now.. so when they change...  I just move their post it over!  So simple and and not sure why I did not think of it earlier!

Head on over to see other schedules!  (Maybe I will post my lesson plans too... they are CRAZY fun!)


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