Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's time to start thinking Fall and Halloween!

That's right my friends... we here in the blogging world seem to do what the local stores in AZ here do... and that is bring out the seasonal stuff early!  I guess for teachers that's a good thing because we need to plan!  (Just annoying when it's still 100 degrees and all you can find is long sleeves and jackets.)  OK - hokus pokus I need to focus! 

So... one of my favorite things to do with kids is make hats!  I try to make one hat a week!  The kids LOVE them and I feel like my students can go home and explain a story or talk about a math concept because they were so excited to make them!  And the even better thing is that in Kindergarten they never get old! 

So... my Fall / Halloween Freebie is forms to make pattern hats.  I know patterns are no longer an explicite standards, but we all know they need practice with concrete patterns before they understand the completity of patterns in numbers.  So I don't teach patterns, but I do talk about patterns and in that regard this activity is appropriate.

So... what I do is pick one or two graphics I like for the kids.  It honestly depends on the kids - I may do pumpkin and jack-o-lanterns, or maybe spiders and webs, or even bones and pumpkins.  It depends on what I can get away with with the specific group of kids I have. 

After I decide what graphics I do, I simply copy that page (if I have 20 kids I will copy that page 30 times just to ensure I don't run out of pumpkins or skeletons, there is nothing worse than not being able to finish your pattern hat!)  Then I cut them with the paper cutter.  I don't allow my students to cut because that would take forever!  Then they just glue them onto a sentence strip! 

Simple, easy, fun, and little prep invovled!  Win, Win, Win!!!  Halloween or Fall Pattern Hat Graphics are in my TpT store for free!  Yeah!

Do you do pumpkins?  While you are there, check out my Pumpkin Observation Form!  I do this each year with the kids. It definately makes bringing pumpkins to school academic and students observe and record the many educational aspects of pumpkins! 

Head over to Rockin Teacher Materials for other great Halloween ideas!

I hope you all have a great day! 

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