Monday, August 1, 2011

V is for Volcano! (And a few other letters too!)

I have several favorite letters of the Alphabet!  Here's what I do to make them fun for little learners!

V is for Volcano!  I take a styrofoam up and form foil over the top of it so that the hole in the cup becomes the part of the volcano that erupts and the foil is the mountain.  We don't paint it or anything, the kids get it!  I place a few spoonfuls of baking powder in it and then pour in some vinegar and wait for it to erupt!  Add some fun with food coloring or glitter!

P is for Popcorn!  You would be amazed how many kids don't know that popcorn actually is corn that pops!  What better way to learn this than popping popcorn with the top off.  We put sheet on the ground, sit around the edge, and let the kernels fly!  While we are waiting for it to pop we say /p/ /p/ /p/.  Then we dig in... well I distribute into small cups so kids don't step on it.  Popcorn makers are under $20 and you can use them throughout the year for a fresh snack!

S is for Spaghetti!  I burn it every year... I seriously do!  Spaghetti can easily be formed into an S shape!

X is for Xray!  Kids love this because I show the kids x-rays of my teeth.  (Dentists are probably the easiest place to get copies of your x-rays!)  The kids then

Head on over to Learning with Mrs. Parker to see other fun ABC activities!  If you are not on her schedule for a letter she said it's still OK to link up!

Have a great day!

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  1. Thank you for joining in. I love this activity. We use Houghton Mifflin and v is for Vinnie Volcano. This will be a great addition.