Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Please join the discussion!

So I am leading am Early Childhood discussion board at EducationWorld.com.  It is a brand new venture for the website and me.


I have posted four topics thus far....

Literacy and Math Ideas - it's going to be a running list of nothing but great ideas to use with our little learners!  Stop by and leave a your favorite idea or link to a post or idea on the internet!  These are my very first two posts in the board and they will be open and active 24 hours a day!

1 Word 4 Quality Teacher - All this beginning of the year teacher prep has really had me thinking about what a quality teacher really is.  What is a quality early childhood teacher to you?  I will do more one word discussions in the future... but always feel free to leave more than one word!

Do you feel the pressure? - Let's be real and talk about it!  Please keep it constructive, but let's tell the educational world what we as teachers face in early childhood!  Why are certain things ok or no ok.  What really happens?  What do you see your peers do that may or may not be OK?  Sound off and be heard on a bigger level!

Charity Preston from The Organized Classroom and Teacher Blog Traffic School is also heading up a group.  She is AMAZINGLY brilliant and you will definitely want to join her group as well!  Her group is EducationWorld.com discussion board on Primary Grades.  Another must see for great ideas!

Thanks again for your continued virtual friendships!  I have only been in this crazy world for about two months and I have learned so much about teaching and learning from all of you!  I heart you all!


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