Saturday, August 13, 2011

Planning for Patriot Day - Book, Song, and Class Handprint Flag!

That's right people... Patriot Day this year is just around the corner. I know ALL of us are busy planning the beginning of the year, but if you take a few moments right now you will find some amazing ideas to help the discussions of 9/11 in your classroom.

I want to start by sharing some amazing work with you from Debbie Clement.  Debbie is an amazing singer and author and she has done just that for us!  First is her amazing song called Red, White, and Blue.  This song is simple enough that our little learners will catch on quickly!  Here is a video of her during a staff development singing with teachers!

She also authored a book by the same that just won an Indie Award - HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!  This is a picture book that is again very appropriate for little learners.  It really is am amazing story itself and an amazing story how she created the concepts for it.  Be sure to head to her blog Rainbows Within Reach to read all about it!

She is giving away 11 signed copies of the book that include the CD of the song.  Visit these sites to enter for copies!  

So one patriotic project I did that I now vow to do each year and mail to the troops is a class flag!  This idea came as I was responding a to post on The Organized Classroom Blog about patriotic bulletin boards (from Kristen).   Starting this year I am going to make a class flag and mail it (somehow) overseas as a thank you from my class.  I really think this will help have a general discussion with my little learners that if fun and not too heavy in content.  

It was very simple to make, just a cut piece of fabric, tempra paint, star cutouts, students, and time!  The red lines were simple, just try to keep them straight.  The blue starts I taped tagboard stars to the fabric and continued with blue handprints.  

I hope that you will stop by Rainbows Within Reach and take a liking to Debbie Clement as much as I have.  And also maybe that you will be inspired to do a flag like I vow to do and mail it overseas!  

Also head on over to Sunny Day's in Second Grade for other patriotic activities!



  1. Jennifer!!!! Thanks so much for entering my linkie party and for sharing your amazing hand-print flag project. That is certainly an idea that others can replicate or adapt to suit the ages of the children they serve and teach.

    I'm so grateful for your sharing my song and its book format with your reading audience. The exploration and understanding of 9-11 is indeed a very sensative subject, the depth of which is well over the grasp of the young children we work with. My hope is that my song & book project will give teachers a 'vehicle' to help channel those concerns into an upbeat display of patriotic expression.

    It is a wonderful responsibility to direct the questions and concerns of children and I'm so appreciative that you have let others know of my resource which can support their efforts.

    Thanks so much!
    Debbie Clement

  2. I remember when Debbie Clement came and did a show at Shelby Hills (a special needs preschool in Ohio). She rocks--especially when she is singing and dancing to such great songs as "You're Wonderful", "Goldie", and "It's Preschool"! I am not at all surprised that she wrote a book that won a National Indie Excellence Book Award for her book, "Red, White and Blue". I am definitely buying myself a copy for my birthday this year (which, ironically, is 9/11!).

    ~Joy @ Joy of Teaching

  3. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing such great ideas! Debbie's book is fabulous and should be in the hands of every teacher - and I love the idea of mailing that handprint flag. very cool!

    Sunny Days In Second Grade