Monday, August 8, 2011

Music in Class! (You may have never guessed!)

So I my favorite song to use in my classroom is one you may not think for a kindergarten classroom!
But it's true, my favorite song to use in class is Ain't No Mountain High Enough!  What a great message for kids to learn!  Believe it or not... they will be singing it on their own!  (And even at the end of the year, you can't not sing the song with a pretend microphone dancing all crazy!)

Another artist I love is Jim Gill!  His songs are shorter than some of the other artists for little learners!  Here is a song I love from him!  It's an alternative to Tooty Tah that the kids just love!

And one more artist I just found that I am excited to use this year is Debbie Clement!  Her songs are so bright and just scream sunshine!  I can't wait to sing this one with my kids!  Be sure to visit her blog Rainbow's Within Reach... she has so many fun things for her readers!

Learning Ahoy is having us link up to share our favorite classroom songs!  Stop by to see other blogger's favorites!



  1. Jennifer!!! Thanks a gazillion for the shout out! I bet that you didn't know that it was Jim Gill who was my inspiration! I hired him to come to give a day of staff development (when I was an administrator at a program for young children w special needs.)

    He came with is banjo. I laughed. I cried. I sang. I resigned from my position a few weeks later to take my guitar & finger puppets on the road. He is brilliant in every possible way. An amazing talent & an amazing man. He was king enough to answer all my questions 15 years ago when I got underway.

    The video of 'mine' that you have posted is from a program of ELL parents enrolled in a literacy program. It's the first video of parents singing my song to their children that anyone has shared with me.

    I'm really grateful to your sharing it with a wider world!

  2. Thank you for linking up with me!