Sunday, August 28, 2011

Do You Still Have a Crier?

Do you still have a crier?  Here are some ways to deal with it!

1.  Love, love, love!  Some kids just need love.  Make them feel special and wanted once they do get calmed down so the next day they have not anxiety over being at school.

Head on over to Simply Kinder to see the other 6 tips for handling tricky kids!



  1. These are great tips, thank you! I have a little girl who screams "Auntie" at the top of her lungs for at least 20 minutes and I've tried everything, we are also 4 weeks in!

  2. Definitely agree wih #2. Sometimes students just need to cool off and join you at their own pace.
    Thanks for linking up :)


  3. I love the hair bow and cool bandaid idea. My criers have finally stopped. But I'll have to keep your suggestions in mind.