Friday, August 26, 2011

Confession Friday!

This has been week #2 for having kids but only week #1 for the kids I have because of teacher changes.  Ugh!  I have so many confessions for the week!  Where do I start?

1.  I cried this week, several times over lots of things that were really unimportant in life and useless and petty!  Starting a new year at a new school is ridiculously hard!  I try to assume positive intent all the time but with some people but that does not always work out.  (And that's all I have to say about that!)

2.  I confess, I missed my duty this week!  Ooops.  Not used to the whole 6 day schedule thing!  I also almost  missed my special which our very nice music teacher called to remind me when I was only 5 minutes late.  Can you believe she did that?  So nice!

3.  I was asked to be less efficient this week... like seriously.  I confess, if that is all you can come up with that I am super efficient, I am totally cool with that!  I am not going to mess up just to make someone feel more comfortable or happy!

4.  I have a classroom with 10 languages in it!  That's right 10!  I confess I am only used to two languages, English and Spanish!  I confess, I keep speaking spanish to kids who speak Bosnian or Arabic!  So I met with some parents and asked them to give me key words so I can learn their language too!  (Sort of excited about that one!)

Anyone else feel the need to confess anything... please join in!  (And have  a great weekend everyone!  Relax a little!)



  1. Less efficient! OMG....sounds like a little green monster is lurking in your midst! ;)

  2. I confess I am glad I am not the only one who has had this kind of week!. I had a sub already on Wednesday (which of course I wasn't prepared for) bc my son broke his foot and I had to take him to the Ortho. I switched grade levels from 3rd to 1st and I confess that 1st is so much HARDER to deal with! I confess I felt out-of-it and like I was running around with my head cut off! I confess I feel totally out of my element and I'm praying my first week isn't a sign of what my year to come will be like! Whew, I feel better now! Thanks for sharing, now I don't feel like a crazy person! :) Hope it gets better for you!

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  4. This is so important! Being new IS hard. I haven't been new somewhere for 12 years and I'm really feeling the strain of it. And honestly, there are moments that I, too, want to close my door and cry. Not because I don't love it, but because it's all new and the learning curve is steep. Thanks for sharing.

  5. WOW! I am so glad that I am not the only one who had that kind of week. I had surgery on my foot over the summer and barely started walking on it a week before school started... I confess that pain everytime you take a step makes teaching with a smile very difficult. and to top it off after the second day of school I already had a parent complaint...she said I look as if I am always in a bad mood ...this is after seeing me two days for like a minute when picking up the kids from their line....not it a bad mood just still in pain. My district just adopted this new program called Cscope ....I confess that I am still not fully sure what I will be teaching next week.... I have ideas in my head but nothing in a lesson plan. I have been working at my school for 3 years ... one of the teachers I work with always picks on me im not sure she realizes it but she is very cold and can be mean... this year she has been super nice and on friday she hugged me and said she was proud of me... I confess I was a bit shocked... felt like something out of the twilight zone but I'm happy she is being nice. And for my last confession I confess that I am trilled to have only 13 children but scared because if the numbers do not go up I could lose my position next year.

  6. Your comment about speaking Spanish to those who do not made me smile because I seem to want to sign to people who don't speak English, as if that will help. (We have learned a bunch of ASL signs since my youngest daughter is hard of hearing.)