Sunday, August 28, 2011

Colors Everywhere!

So this week we have started our color unit!  That's right people, not all kindergarteners come to school knowing their colors!  (Said with love of course, but we early childhood teachers often have to justify why we teach color.  Especially now that it is not a explicitly a part of the Common Core.)  So we are considering colors vocabulary, adjectives, as well as the precursor for sorting which is still a standard.

So here are some fun ideas for colors!

1.  Class Books!  We make a class book for each color.  After we make our Circle Map of all the things for a particular color, the kids pick their favorite and make a page for our book about.  "A ____ is red."  I will quickly go around and write in what the student has drawn.  I then bind these pages into one book and place it in our library.  The kids will read it all year!  I have placed a free copy of these on my TpT account for you to enjoy!

2.  Another activity I do that the kids are growing to love is our Color Tree Maps.  Here the kids sort pictures if they are that color or if they are not that color.  I have all 10 colors also available on my TpT account.

3.  Another really fun thing my new school does as a part of tradition is has the entire community dress up in a particular color on certain days.  I LOVE THIS!  On red day, EVERYONE wore red... students, teachers, and even parents!  It really pulled us together as a group and I just love it!  During class we have sorted each other by who is wearing the color and who is not and we have counted how many people have red shirts or socks.  It has really lent itself to so many fun activities!  Here are some labels I created for my students to remind them what color is tomorrow!  I print them on Avery 5160 and then mark that color on the labels quickly before I stick them on the students!

Please enjoy and share any activities you may do for colors!


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  1. Hi Jennifer, we do a color unit at our school too. You are right not all kinders come in knowing the colors! On my blog I posted about doing colors last week and I have a picture of the color posters we created. I love your idea about the tree map, I may have to do that next week:)
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