Sunday, August 14, 2011

Before and After Classroom Pictures

Many blogger have linked up to share photos of their classrooms (and couple readers contributed too which is exciting!)  So here are my official before and afters!  This is what I started with...

And here is what I will start the day with tomorrow!  I literally am down to the wire, lesson planning this evening, putting out name tags tomorrow!  I have NEVER been so down to the last minute but getting my room in order took a long time!  So here they are:

Almost a full shot.

 My literacy center (with a tub not put away... oops.)

Notice no SmartBoard.. tear!

My carpet area.

Then here is my bulletin board that I do every year and LOVE.  I do it during Meet the Teacher night while parents are filling out paperwork.  It gives me a good indicator who knows colors and can write their name.  

Overall my room is very colorful... even though it does not look that way from here.  There is also another yellow and pink bulletin board I did not post.  If want to see other rooms (both before and after pictures) stop by the linky party... right here at Empowering Little Learners!  (Click below to be directed there!)

I am really excited about my little sister's room!  She just graduated from ASU and is going to be teaching second grade.  Her classroom is all racing themed... even down to their jobs!  It's absolutely adorable.  I will link her pictures up soon too!


  1. I have a low-tech jealousy for your rug!! Your room looks great. I've got about 9 days left before we report back to school, but I normally go in a bit early if they let us to get a head start.


  2. What a cute room. I know you don't have a smartboard but do you have a projector? Just hook it up to your computer... you might have to teach your students how to use the mouse (or hook an old one up) and click on the answers but it might work.
    Over at my school us teachers have been "banned" and we cannot get into our rooms until Monday the 22nd :(. I wish I could because I want to get started and then contribute to the classroom pictures party.
    I got a few things started over at my blog now too... my own linky party. Giveaway starts today!
    Kinders on the Block

  3. Looks great! I went to ASU :) Where is your sis teaching?

  4. Your room looks great! Have you ever tried "Smoothboard"? With a Wii remote, LCD projector, computer, infared pen and the Smoothboard software (which is shareware) you can create your own smartboard. I did this as an alternative to a costly Smartboard.

  5. Your classroom looks adorable!! As a parent, I find your classroom inviting and engaging. As a student, I would fall madly in love with it the moment I set eyes on it as my kindergartener did this past week when he met his teacher.

    As for Miss N. and the wiimote interactive board, I tried this with no real luck. My husband and I spent over $100 buying the mounts for the wiimotes, the infared pen, and two wiimotes. We had a heck of a time getting (and keeping) it calibrated. I gave up on it last year and took it all down over the summer. Any hints on your success?