Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back To School Freebies!

So I have been busy setting up my room and getting ready for the upcoming year.  I officially start tomorrow with my planning week and get kids on the 16th!  I am excited to be at a new school and have some creative control!  So I wanted to share a few items with you for the start of the year.

And one last freebie I already posted but you want just now be wanting to snatch.  It's my student of the week activity.  Again, totally free on TpT.  Print these on legal size paper, and again, feel free to change if you need to!

(Blogger is not allowing me to link it, but it's in my TpT store... the link is just to the right!)

I wish everyone a great school year.  More to come as I settle into a routine!



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