Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stay Cool at the Start of School

Is it hot where you are?  Well it's hot most the year here in Arizona.  There is nothing worse than having to go outside or to duty in the hot sun in heels or khaki pants!  So my tip to Stay Cool as you return back to school is to invest in a really good fan!  Here is what the fan I have looks like that is AMAZING!

I don't know the brand I have because my stuff is all boxed up, but I did see them the other day there for $14.95!  As a teacher from AZ I have to say, get a metal fan because they move the air faster and it will make a difference!  I'm telling you... people will be coming to your room after duty!  

Hop on over to I Love To Teach to see other wys to Stay Cool for School!  Lots of really great ideas!

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