Sunday, July 17, 2011

Songs I Love By Jim Gill!

Singing and dancing is an essential part of any early childhood classroom!  Miss Kindergarten is looking to see what some of those fun songs are!  As a kindergarten teacher I have to say I make up songs about everything... usually to the tune that includes the part "my fair lady."  (Not sure what song that is.)  Of course most of my songs are for transitions or learning concepts... but here are two that I did the last half of the year and I ABSOLUTELY love!

My new favorite classroom CD's all come from a man named Jim Gill!  (He was my part of my favorite books too!)  So the last quarter of school my kids did a Reader's Theater of the Soup Opera!  We were singing about soup for weeks and finally presented our Opera to our parents the last day of school.  Unfortunately I did not tape, but I did find a version where Jim Gill himself does with adults!  It's really fun to do with kids of any age!

I just love Jim Gill.  He has made countless CD's that are research based and purposeful!  His songs tend to be shorter in length and that is good for young learners too!  At the AZ Teacher Conference this year he talked about how his songs have built in marks where students learn to self regulate.   Jim has done extensive research with special needs children and has created songs that combine word plays and music that kids really love!

Another one of his songs I implemented towards the end of this last school year is May There Always Be Sunshine!  (It's also a book, even though most his songs are not.)  I really liked the message this song sends. We extended it and would sing out the door... "May there always be Jose... May there always be Emma."  Or would would do themed words or words that started with a specific sound.  I just love it!

Be sure to stop by Miss Kindergarten and see other's favorite songs!

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