Saturday, July 23, 2011

School Year Resolution

The Clutter-Free Classroom wants to know your School Year Resolution!  Here's mine:

I am starting a new district and new school this year.  It is good move for me, but very scary to give up a secure position to do what I think is best for kids.   I have two resolution... first being to learn as much as I can from the teachers I am joining.  I come from an environment that was very restricting and so  I feel as if I need my creativity back and I am hoping these ladies will do that for me!  Second being not to lose sight of my family.  As teachers we tend to get wrapped up this or that and I need to remember not to lose the precious time I have with my own little guy!

Stop by to see what other resolutions teachers have... and comment with your own!



  1. Good luck on your new venture! I will have a new LA and Science teacher on my team this coming year and plan on helping both of them as much as I can (considering I teach a different subject), but I can help with anything team related.

  2. I just found your blog through the linky party! Good luck at your new school.
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