Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quiz Quiz Trade

Many kindergarten teachers are afraid to attempt Cooperative Learning!

It's really easy and the kids have so much fun while they are learning!  Here's a game called Quiz, Quiz Trade (Taken from my Kagan Cooperative Learning book!)

This game will reinforce any skill you choose!  It's great for review too!

Students are each given a card.

You can use flashcards or any sort:  alphabet, rhyming, numbers, addition facts.

Play music for about 30 seconds.  The kids walk around the room.

When the music stops, the kids all find a partner.  (Teach the students to put a hand up or go to the front of the room if they are having trouble finding a partner.)

They show each other their cards and the other partner must read their card.  Once both have been quized, then they trade.

Teach the kids to partner pyramid (each partner puts a hand up to form a pyramid) to signify they are done.

You start the music back up, kids walk around until the music stops.  They find a new partner and do it all again!

You can do this with every concept and every age or grade level!  It never gets old and the kids have a blast reinforcing skills!

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  1. This sounds like a really cool idea! I think I might use it with my first and second graders next year. Thanks!

    Magnificent Multiagers!

  2. Oh keep checking back then! Cooperative learning is actually fun at all ages!

  3. I'm old school and have been very afraid to try cooperative learning, but I think this is simple enough I can try it. Thanx

  4. Cooperative Learning is so easy! Even my kinders can do it! Be sure to follow me... I will share premade games and directions for others eventually! I promise! =)