Friday, July 8, 2011

Organizing Your Classroom Library Books!

Many of us have our classroom libraries organized by author or topics, but do you have so the kids can manage it?  Last summer I spend time coding my library so that students knew exactly where books when.  Each theme has it's own book box, in my case a magazine file, along with a matching label.  Then all the books in that file have a matching sticker.  So the kids can put the books back exactly where they go!  I made these labels super quick in my word processor using 5160 labels!  This also works great for subs, I leave in my sub plans to pull a book from my alphabet box in the library!  There is never any question where books go, I don't have to spend my time reorganizing year after year, and I can always find the books I need!  

Judy over at Kindertastic does the same thing and posted her labels online!  Be sure to grab them!  (I could not find mine.)  Thanks for sharing Judy!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I love this system. Great idea about letting subs use them as well!


  2. The Kinder Kid has labels for free. Copy her link from here! =) Thanks Kinder Kid!