Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Many Uses of Sheet Protectors

I always say that every year a teacher must start out with fresh box of sheet protectors from your local Costco!  They have many uses in the classroom, here are my three favorite! 

1.  They make any copy dry-erase-able!  Really they do! 

2.  Staple onto your bulletin board, slide paper in instead of having to staple up student work each time!  

3.  Use to organize your files!


  1. Why didn't I think about using sheet protectors with dry erase markers? Genius! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. You are welcome! Just make sure you use the thick ones! The cheaper flimsy ones won't work! Costco's are a sure thing! And you will find many uses for the big box I promise!

  3. I get a few 3 ring folders and put 5 page protectors in each folder to use in my centers. That way I can just switch out the work pages without having to change EVERYTHING in the center! I have used letter tracing, letter writing, matching, spelling, connect the dot, addition, subtraction, etc! Also, the students know to grab a folder and a sock (I use old socks - you know the ones that you lose the match for in the dryer- and place a dry erase marker inside so they can use the sock to erase the marker when it's time to clean up!)

  4. Julie... say the funnest thing with those binders... It was one of those home consultant things... she cut them into three pieces, put a reference sheet in the clear part and the order form in the flap part (like on the inside.) So I have cut up some folders and keep those too as boards for the kids to use.

    I actually don't do socks. Never got around to collecting them. My husband has a sock thing.. haha! This year though I should do that... cutting felt drives me crazy!

    That's a really good idea to use them in centers! I think I am going to do that this year! What do you call the center?

  5. Look what I just found... Plates are dry erase too! So cool!