Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Look What I Scored Today! Too Cool!

So today we went to our local pizza place, Peter Piper Pizza.  They were having a day camp with a carnival theme free for kids!  I was like cool, free fun for my little guy!  Then they started giving all the smaller materials away, like extra prizes and markers.  I told her I was a teacher and they gave me the rest of the carnival supplies!  Would have easily cost me $100 through Oriental Trading!

Seriously... look at the Plinko game... I have to be able to turn that into some sort of reading game!

If you truly knew me, you would know that everywhere I go I ask  for something for free!  It's amazing how many people love teachers and are willing to share with them if you just have the courage to ask!  (Try it!)

So it looks as if I will have a carnival themed classroom or being planning another school carnival this year! Thanks to Peter Piper Pizza!  (If you have one in your neighborhood, they do Tuesday free activities with kids where they apparently have a budget to buy stuff and no where to store it!)

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