Monday, July 25, 2011

Let 'Em Roll... Literally!

That's right... I am crazy about something and that something is dice!  Dice are the most fun tool I have as a teacher... they never get old!

And guess what, I am not alone!  Little Miss Kindergarten is just as crazy as me and so we wanted to team up to give you some about how we use dice with our students!  Scroll down to link up!

Here is what I currently have and how I use it:

 Regular old dice!  I use these in may ways.  We will use them to practice writing number, roll the dice and then write the number.  We will use them to order numbers, roll the 3 dice and put them from least to greatest.  We will also use them to play number races, roll the dice and graph the number.    Did you know that many casinos will give you their old dice and cards? 

Dice to 20 and 30.  I do the same activities as above, but increase the values.  This is a great for differentiated instruction as not all kids have to play a game with the same dice.  

I also have shape dice.  My kids love these dice!  They can roll a shape and graph the response.  They can roll a shape and add that shape dice into a picture.  Or even roll a dice and write the word for that shape!  Super fun!

I also use dice within dice.  This is fun for ordering number.  I will give each pair of students 2 dice.  Then they have to order all 4 numbers that they roll from least to greatest or greatest to least.  They are also great for addition and subtraction.   

Alphabet Dice.  This is the newest addition to my classroom and one that I am very excited about!  I have dice I have made to read CVC words and dice with random letters, but these are going to take some of my lab games to new levels! I also plan on letting kids roll the dice and say the letters aloud quickly, helping with letter naming fluency!

It's real simple.  Kids will roll the dice and place a unifix cube on the letter they roll.  You can play this game with magnet letters in a brown bag too if you have no dice.  Blogger is acting up... so here is the direct link to the form in Google Docs!

I found this great website that offers so many different kinds of dice for what I fell is a fair price.  It is called Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks!  This is where I have bought many of mine.  Future dice plans include the following:

 So with all these dice how do I organize them?   I just got this new organizer I really excited to unpack all my dice in my classroom and put them into here.  There is one large compartment for my larger ABC dice and 6 containers for my different kinds of regular sized dice.  I picked it up at The Container Store today on sale!  I really love that I can take out one type of dice at a time and still put the lid on it and store it away!

Mind's in Bloom shared this idea about using dice to write poems!  Stop by to see!

I could go on for hours about dice!  Remember to hop on over to Little Miss Kindergarten to see how she uses dice in her room!  I hear she has a freebie too!  Link up and share you dice ideas too!



  1. I want those ABC dice!

  2. I know. A dollar a piece! Not ba I think!

  3. I love dice too but I've never seen the alphabet dice- how cool!

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  4. At the dice booth At the conference last week I literally could have spent like $300! They are creating all sorts of domino games too... I am going to figure that out this year too! :-)