Saturday, July 9, 2011

Goal Setting With Early Learners Linky Party!

Do you set goals with your Kinders or other early learners?

I have been reluctantly required to for the last four years and actually post it... like old school way where your race car moves to the finish line.  In the process I found a few more private way to do it that really is effective with the kids!

I took a file folder, put cute paper so the kids would buy in, marked my benchmarks, put there names on those tabby dividers.  Now each time I test them I show them where they are and give them a little goal to go a little higher!  It really motivates the kids and helps them to see the big picture!  It also helps them to see a visual of growing and becoming smarter.

Now - word of warning with this one... this strategy may not work with every kids.  I am suggesting you include every student in your class on this system.   The key is results... if it is not creating results for a certain students, take their name off and don't show it to them!

Another thing I do is post a target in my room.  The target will have the goal on it.. for example counting to 100.  Then when the kids hit the target they can write their name with one of my cooly smelly markers!  They take so much pride in doing this!

And one last fun way I involve my students in tracking their growth is with learning trees!  This is a little time consuming but really cool for the end of the year!  The students start with a bare tree.  When they prove to me they can do something, I give them a leaf to put on the tree.  So by the end of the year I have classroom for of flourishing trees!  Kids at all ability leaves feel growth as they can earn their leaves for whatever level they are at!

Tree Growth Goal Setting
In good teaching spirit, share and comment if you like!  And as always, own it if you like!  Change it and adapt it to fit the needs of your own teaching style and kids!

Also, stop by to see my comprehensive set of Kindergarten Assessment Checklists on TpT!  It's a very valuable resource!  =)  Blogger is acting up again... visist the link below! 

Would love for you to link up and share what strategies you use to help your little learners set goals and take ownership of it!


  1. We have data notebook we use with our students. Each student has their own data notebook that they are assessed once a month. I make a pie chart to display the data on in our data center. For example, if we are doing counting to 100 I would set up ranges 1-25 (red), 26-50 (yellow), 51-75 (green) and 76-100 (blue). The pie chart does not show student's names, just how many students fall into each range. The kids love how we work as a class to try and make the entire circle blue. I set individual goals with each child.

  2. What a great idea! Do you have pictures? I would love to see! Yeah... I was totally against putting people names on their at first. So I did numbers, but it did not have the same impact. Like I said too... I don't use this with all of them, if it is going to hurt their psyche than I just don't show them. Only the kids who it will motivate them. This sounds like a great idea for a linky party... I would love to see how others do this. I don't know how to set one of those up though. Maybe I should figure that out. =) A have a few other things I do too that I could post pictures of.. I just need to find them. =) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I wish I had some pictures :( I will look back through my file to double check but I doubt it. I will turn my comment into a post on my blog and link back. I will be able to share "Our Goals" that we have and the data notebook pages :)


  4. Oh thanks... I have been following you for the one week I have been blogging. Inspirational! Welcome!

  5. I love the target idea. Easy to manage and motivational! Thank you!