Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Favorite Author - Hands Down!

My favorite author, hands down is David Shannon!  He stories not only make me laugh, but also make the kids laugh!  I love that many of the books the kids can go back and read for themselves too without having a whole lot of decoding skills!  If you have only read No David, you are really missing out!

Head on over to The Clutter-Free Classroom to see other teacher's favorite authors and a whole lot of great tips to organize your life!


  1. I totally agree with David Shannon too, but my very favorite children's author is Mo Willems. His Pigeon and Elephant and Piggie books are so entertaining to my students and myself. These books really made my students really get "into" reading this year since they are books that they can read as well. Another plus with his books; they help with students reading expression.

  2. Oh good point... reading with expression!

    I have not used those books yet. It's so fun to get great new book titles!

    Thanks for sharing, I am off to look those books up and pin them!