Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Essential Back To School Freebies & Must Makes!

As I am setting up my room I realize there is some things that I have found since blogging that I want to use in my new classroom.  So here is a list of everything I have snatched up for FREE!

Amazing daily schedule cards from: 

Stop and highlight your name sign from:

Specials signs from:

Behavior punch cards from:

Story map poster from:

Good readers poster from:

And I am holding out that someone will have a free giveaway for these:  

Yeah right!  Cute anyways, it will be my next big project.  

These have been floating around on Pinterest for awhile, but this particular picture originated from:  

Just thought I'd share!  Feel free to pass on if you'd like!  



  1. Love these! Shared them on my blog. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I'm loving your blog!

  3. Popping thru from TBTS for the first time. I have so much to learn. Eager to get acquainted with everyone & grow together.

    Love the look you've created here. Awesome!!

  4. I just made my file crate seats today! It was super easy. I am going to blog about them next week.


  5. Caitlyn... you should give them in a giveaway! =)

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by and sharing too! I heart my blogging friends (bloggers and readers!)

  6. JENNIFER!!!!
    YES, it was me in polka-dots in VEGAS!!!! We nearly rubbed elbows? YES!!! ZB has sponsored my participation for a couple of years. I've created their last two CD recordings for K/PreK -- the first was for Handwriting thru music & movement and the second for their language Arts program.

    I predict you will indeed come to LUV me! LOL!!!

    Congrats on presenting in Vegas. Truly big time. I have several blog posts from earlier in the month/Vegas/Venetian etc.

    Nice to meet. Will you be at NAEYC??