Saturday, July 23, 2011

Christmas in July Activity - Dreidels!

So I am taking a moment out to celebrate Christmas in July.  I have to say my favorite holiday activity I do with my kids is NOT Christmas related, but Hanukkah.

So a few days before we do the actual activities we save our milk cartons.  I hot glue them closed and then I poke a really sharp pencil through them upside-down.  The day before, we take a few minutes to paint them blue. All this time we are talking about the holiday and the true dreidel game.  (Oh... and Latkes.)

But then these dreidels become great teaching tools!  I have the kids glue on white squares to each side of the blue carton (unfortunately I don't have a picture of that part.) I then will go around and write on what I want the kids to practice.  The kids will then spin them and practice that skill!

Some sample skills are sight words, addition facts, or letters.  The great thing about this activity is that you easily differentiate by putting different things on for different kids.

(A special thank you to my friend Heather who provided me with this picture!  Since blogging I have realized I need to photo-cronical my year!  Is that a word?  =) )

Happy Holidays!


  1. I LOVE your new blog layout!! Did you do it yourself!? And I love that you posted about Hanukkah!

    Miss Kindergarten

  2. Thanks... no I paid someone to do it... I have no clue how all that stuff works. =)

    This is truly one of my faves all year! The kids love these dreidels... and I made them academic so they can't tell me I can't do them! =)

  3. Thank you for posting about a Hanukkah project! Christmas can be a hard time for Jewish kids since Christmas is such a BIG holiday and Hanukkah really isn't. I never thought of using a dreidel as a teaching tool - what a good idea!

    Grabbed your button!

    Minds in Bloom

  4. Funny story about this...One year I did something similar and my principal called me down to his office. He said a mother had complained that I taught her child how to gamble in school. The student had used the dreidel to bet for pencils, paper, erasers, candy, whatever he could get his hands on in the cafeteria in the morning before I got to school! Watch out for those extra special creative kids! :) hahaha ~Leah

  5. Hahaha... that's really funny! Thanks for sharing!