Friday, July 22, 2011

Are You Pinning, Are You Pinning, Yes I Am, Yes I am!

Are you pinning, are you pinning?
Yes I am, Yes I am!
Pinning boards are calling, Pinning boards are calling!
Fill me up, Fill me up!

Haha... we kinder teachers can make a song out of anything!  So Michelle over at Math in the Middle is trying to link up all us Pinning Bloggers!  So I confess... My name is Jennifer, and I am addicted to pinning. It's sort like when I had my son... what did I before him?  I often... what did I do before Pinterest?

Link up if you are a pinner.  If you are not and would like an invitation, comment below with an email address and I will invite you.  =)  And if you are not a blogger, hop on over to see whose pins to grab to get great educational links!

Happy Pinning!



  1. I would love to become a pinner. My email address is

    Thank you,

    Sue L.

  2. I LOVE the song...Awesome!! Thanks for linking up to my party!


  3. Sue... your invite is on it's way! It will take a few days. It also is a little tricky at first. =)

  4. Okay, gals...I'm on Pinterest but I really need help to understand how it all works! Can someone break it down for me? I have been browsing ideas on Pinterest but I don't quite know how being a "pinner" works! Thanks in advance! :-)

  5. So it took me a few days! You need to follow people. The best way to do that is log into your Pinterest and then click like on someones blog... like mine over to the right.

    Then you can click on your followers from pinterest and open up who I am following and select additional people from there. (That's what I did to get me going.)

    Then, you browse through the pictures, and select a picture you like. If you put your cursor over that picture you can see repin as an option. Once there, you select your board or add a new board. The boards are like file folders. Then just key back to the section of pictures again.

    Now to pin your items is different. You can add a "pin it" to your toolbar. Then when you see something you like you press that and it will add it to your portfolio.

    Make sense?